How can a chat robot and a live customer service agent work seamlessly together?

Chat robot is a new man-machine interface, a new method of publishing software service through dialogue interface, and a new client portal solution. The customer service software completes the dialogue by the software and brings the product, service, or brand to customers by chat interface. By configuration, the EASIIO chat robot can easily answer the common problems of many customers at the same time, greatly saving live support or sales agent labor costs. As visitors arrive at the set time, web bots will start engaging customer at the set time. No to the loss of potential customers to cold web site interface. EASIIO chat robot is part of a top customer support software, providing the best customer support platform.

EASIIO chat robot for you

  1. The key to high ly effective , robot answer experience

Agile model upgrade and release, algorithm continuous tuning and progress, fully customized man-machine collaboration mechanism, robot core experience enhancement distributed in every possible operation. We offer best practices for improving the robot experience in the industry.

2. Industry coverage, rapid deployment

For finance, Internet, e-commerce, education, manufacturing, real estate and other industries, to achieve pre-sale, after-sales, self-service, internal services and other scenes, EASIIO chat robot understand more of your business, and of your customers.

However, robots are only the interface of service.

The development of artificial intelligence technology makes intelligent customer service robots not only a tool, but more like a teammate. They will make our workflow more reliable. Give us more time to focus on complex people-centric tasks. as follows

  1. Artificial customer service improves the external factors that robots cannot change.

You need to set the external factors that the robot cannot change. The chat robot can automatically guide customers into help documents, videos, forms, pictures, etc. But if these contents cannot guide the user effectively, it is not the problem of the chat robot, which is the external factor that it cannot change.

2. Live customer service is involved at the right time

As far as customer interaction is concerned, the function of intelligent interactive dialogue robot cannot replace human customer service, so if the customer becomes more and more unease with communication or a process produces inaccurate results. It is the right time to let live customer service agent take over your robot and use it as an opportunity to review your organization's artificial intelligence features and how they meet your business needs.

EASIIO online live customer service support text, voice, video chat, for your website to provide the most professional online services.

Whether the function of the intelligent interactive dialogue robot is perfect or not depends on the external human factors, and in the current stage of the development of artificial intelligence technology, the dialogue robot can replace some artificial work. However, there is still a lot of work to be done by live human customer service agent.

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